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Capital Bantams are handed losses against tough league opponents

By KB, 12/11/17, 5:00PM CST


Capital Bantams are handed losses against tough league opponents

Oahe Capitals (21 SOG) @ Mitchell Marlins (27 SOG)
The Marlins would be the first to open the scoring gate with 11:21 remaining in the first period.  Caps were able to kill the first penalty of the game given to Jaden Flor for holding with 6:29 remaining in the first.  With 5:41 remaining in the first, "simon says" Mitchell should join the party in the penalty box for cross checking.  The Marlins would add another goal at the tail end of the 1st to bring the score 0-2 in their favor.  The Capitals were unable to use the extra skater advantage when two penalties at 10:24 and 9:50 remaining in the second given to the Marlins for elbowing and holding.  Turner Starr would be the first bantam to score in league play to get the Caps on the board with 4:14 remaining in the second period tallying the score 1-2.  The third period would consist of a handful of penalties after the Marlins opened with a goal at 14:28 to widen the gap to 1-3.  The Caps would utilize the power play caused by two Mitchell penalties at 13:38 and 7:32 in the third with another goal from Starr on the assist from Jonathan Lyons to narrow the lead 2-3.  Michael Molseed would be given the loan third period Capitals penalty at 3:54 remaining in the game for slashing.  With only a few minutes remaining in the game, the Marlins were once again visitors of the penalty box with 2:05 and 1:15 left.  The Caps were unable to score on the power play and fell short with a final score of 2-3.  Kieran Duffy tallied 24 saves.

Oahe Capitals (22 SOG) vs. Rushmore Thunder (27 SOG)
The Capitals would start out strong getting the lead with 3:09 remaining in the first period with a goal from Keenan Howard and Starr credited with the assist.  The lead would be short lived as the Thunder scored on a power play from a tripping call on Flor with 14:19 remaining in the second.  About five minutes later with 6:03 remaining, the Thunder would bring their lead to 1-2.  An unassisted goal from Alex Hight with 5:42 remaining in the second would tie the game at 2-2.  Conlan Rendell would see his first league penalty trip to the box with 3:17 remaining in the second.  The Thunder never allowed the Caps to tally another goal for the remainder of the game and were able to bring in three more goals.  The first Thunder goal was a shorthanded goal with 10:37 remaining in the final period after a Rushmore penalty with 11:25 on the clock, bringing them on top with a score of 2-3.  Rushmore stretched the gap to 2-4 at the 6:18 mark with another goal.  The Caps had the opportunity to get the extra skater advantage with a Rushmore penalty with 5:16 remaining in the third.  Unable to capitalize on the power play, the Caps found themselves on the penalty kill as Carson Palmer was sent to the box for tripping with only 2:23 seconds left.  Rushmore secured another goal to increase their lead and a final score of 2-5 with only 33.6 seconds left to tick off the clock.  Colin Lee recorded 22 saves on the day.

Oahe Capitals (SOG 37) @ Rushmore Thunder (SOG 33)
The Thunder would be the first to score and never look back racking in three goals in the first period.  Ashton Lee would be the first Capital to visit the penalty box for tripping with 13:53 remaining in the first period.  The Caps were able to kill the penalty, but Rushmore would squeeze the first goal in with 11:17 on the clock in the first period to bring the score to 0-1.  Molseed would be the second Capital to see the penalty box in the first period for tripping with 10:03 left.  Again, the Caps were able to kill the penalty and a power play would be coming their way with 7:26 remaining in the first after a Rushmore penalty for hooking.  The Thunder would score their final two first period goals at 4:05 and 1:22 respectively to increase their lead 0-3.  The Caps would have an explosive second period to come within striking distance of the lead held by Rushmore.  But only after the Thunder added another goal with 9:20 remaining in the second period with a score now of 0-4.  Isaac Polak with an assist from Howard would prevent a shutout for the Thunder at the 8:38 mark in the second period and a score of 1-4.  Less than a minute later Lyons with an unassisted goal at 7:45 brought the score to 2-4.  A little contact in the corner left Ashton Griese sitting a penalty for head contact at 8:28 remaining in the second period.  The Caps utilized a power play to bring the score within one, with a goal from Starr and the assist from Dre Berndt after a Rushmore penalty with 3:11 left on the clock in the second.  The 3-4 score would be short lived after A. Lee would find the penalty box again for tripping at 2:51 left and a Thunder goal at 2:43 to bring the score 3-5 and back to even strength.  The Caps allowed three more Rushmore goals at 10:19, 9:55 and 8:37 before another goal from Lyons at the 7:59 mark with the assist from Ayden Anderson prevented the Caps from going scoreless in the third period for a 4-8 score.  The Thunder would score their final goal of the game on a power play with 7:24 on the clock after a Flor penalty for checking from behind.  The Caps were on the power play with one minute remaining after a Thunder penalty but the Thunder were able to kill the penalty without allowing a goal to bring the final score to 4-9.  Duffy had 20 saves with 28 SOG and Lee had 4 saves with 5 SOG.

Oahe Capitals (SOG 15)  vs. Sioux Falls Flyers (SOG 32)
The Flyers would keep the Caps scoreless in each of the three periods to lock down a shut out victory.  The first period consisted of three Sioux Falls goals at 13:52, 11:39 and 7:58 remaining.  The 0-3 score for the Flyers would remain even after a Caps high sticking penalty from Griese at 4:42 and a Flyers penalty for cross checking with 1:18 left in the first.  Two more Capital penalties from Griese at 9:17 for cross checking and Rendell at 6:35 for roughing would allow the Flyers a power play goal at 7:25 left in the 2nd and a score of 0-4.  The third period sent three Flyers players to the penalty box at 4:11, 1:05 and 30 seconds left in the game.  The Flyers were able to kill all the penalty minutes and still manage to score their final goal with 2:08 remaining and tally the final score to 0-5.  Lee with 27 saves.