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We are pleased to announce the creation of the "PAYSA Pass."  With the purchase of this pass, a skater (an OHA skater or an adult, for age-appropriate events) may attend unlimited drop-in or Huff and Puff events at PAYSA during the full fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).  This pass does not cover camps, summer rec, open skate events, or any other specialty event - just drop-in and Huff and Puff at PAYSA (which currently costs $10 per session).  Cost is $125 per skater, or $100 each for two or more in the same family (brother and sister, father and son, etc.).  Goalies and OHA coaches continue to skate in these events for free.  The "PAYSA Pass" is not a physical pass - the OHA website will maintain a list of those who have purchased a pass so all workers will have access to those who have paid.  Also, fees will not be pro-rated based on prior individual event purchases.  To get your PAYSA Pass, contact Tawnya Pfeifer at 605-553-3840 or .

Paysa Pass Holders

Anderson Spencer Goalie
Duffy Kieran Goalie
Griese Jaden  
Griese Talon  
Griese Ashton  
Jungwirth Jaxon Goalie
Lee Colin Goalie
Polack Issac  
Sanderson Carter