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Concession Help Needed

This season we are looking for 4 people to each work 1 weekend per month though the season.  Your responsibilities would be as follows:

On the Wednesday/Thursday before your weekend you will need to contact Lisa Gordon to get the keys, money and any last-minute instructions for the weekend.

Concessions Stand Opening

(If you have help - deligate it out!)

  • Do your shopping (fresh goods if needed, before you get to the rink)

  • Turn on all rink lights

  • Unlock front door (hex key is on top of fire extinguisher)

  • Check out ice bucket (small freezer) for taco supplies

  • Place laptop/gate money on front counter of concessions, wait for someone to ask about them

  • Open up concessions door (it’s heavy and you may need help)

  • Put money into cash register

  • Write on board the locker room assignments

  • Start coffee

  • Check the cappuccino machine, refill if necessary

  • Turn on pizza maker

  • Start taco meat in crock pot (depends on games)

  • Start soup in crock pot

  • Turn on cookie oven to pre-heat

  • Start small crock pot (pizza sauce)

  • Check supplies in fridge

  • Restock if necessary

  • Gather supplies from outside freezers, leave unlocked for day

  • Place cookies on sheets to put into oven


  • Check out the warming room

  • Check garbage in warming room and rink area

  • Breathe

  • Start a pizza (breakfast before 10 am / regular after 11 am)

  • Put hot dogs on roller grill (about 10 am)

You do not need to stay at the rink all weekend, but know you are on call if something is needed.


You can start closing and cleaning up 10 or 15 minutes early.

Please do the following:

  • Rinse out the coffee air pots.

  • Rinse out the cappuccino trays.

  • Shut off hot dog grill and wash down the rollers.

  • Are all three switches on the popcorn machine OFF?

  • Wash up the cheese machine.  Please leave ON!  (if it is the last game of the weekend please pull the cheese, place in fridge, and unplug)

  • Place leftovers in the Tupperware.  DO NOT Discard!

  • Sweep floors and vacuum.

  • CLEAN popcorn machine inside and out, wipe down and dump kernel tray.

  • Wash, dry, and put away all dishes.  Wipe down all counter tops and tables.

  • Haul out garbage to big dumpsters on southeast corner of the building.

  • Throughout the shift please re-stock pop/water/Power-ade.

  • Check all doors to make sure they're locked. 

  • Leave coffee/cappuccino machines on.

  • Unplug all crockpots/wipe down.

  • You will need to make sure that the keys and money boxes from concessions, gate and/or open skate are returned to you.  You will not need to count the money, that will be done by Dede Fasken.  Make arrangements to deliver the keys and money to Dede the following Monday.

The games will be starting soon and we would love to have these four spots filled by November 1st. 

If you are interested please contact Lisa Gordon.  Remember many hands make light work!!

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Registration is open!

Registration is now open for the 2018 - 2019 season!  Grab your skater's USA Hockey number then click the link below!  This season, you will see an additional $35 dollar fee (with a maximum multi-skater family rate of $70), this fee is replacing Zamboni Days and is due at registration.  The OHA does offer payment plans for the player registration amounts.  You will be able to see the dates and amounts when you register.

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