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June through July:

  • Replace toe kicks on the new boards.  This has to be scheduled with Midwest for access to the storage space.  This appears as though it will take 4 laborers to move boards around along with drills/bits for removal and installation of the toe kicks.
  • Remove ice from PAYSA.  As the first two weeks progress in June, we can cut ice any time.  We want to be careful not to get into the stripes or other markings.  This can be monitored visually while running the machine.  We want to take care not to destroy the sheet before June 18.
  • June 18 the compressor system will be shut down!
  • Remove insulation from overhead door on the north end of the building so we can use it.
  • At that time we can start to spray out some of the striping that is in place to attempt to salvage.  Anything we can save would be beneficial to the organization.
  • Small surface pumps will be handy for getting low spots in the ice pumped out to a drain rather than spreading out.  This will take some monitoring.

July through August:

  • Remove benches and elevated platform they are on.
  • Remove the spectator seating and platform they are on.  This will only need to be completed as far as is necessary to access the boards.
  • Remove and palletize all plexiglass. (Store in building)
  • Remove and palletize all stiles. (Store on North End)
  • Remove and palletize all existing boards. (Store on North End)
  • Gather all hoses and spray equipment from EXPO.
  • Leveling of glycol distribution lines.
  • Leveling of sand base.

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OHA COVID-19 information

Please see the below document for information regarding COVID-19 and the Oahe Hockey Association.  Recommendations may change and are subject to USA Hockey and South Dakota Amateur Hockey Association (SDAHA) policies. 

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Photo by Tiffany Sanderson