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Concession Close Out Sale

OHA families and fans, we will be having our concession close out sale next week. Items for sale include pizza, pretzels, hot dogs, taco meat, and various candy and drinks. Stay tuned for further details. 


Jessica Miller

Text only 431-1534 


Concession Items

Pizzas $6 each

Plain Pretzels $1 each until gone

Pizza Pretzels  $13 for bag of 6

Hot Dogs $21 for 5 lbs

Doritos $.75 each or case of 64 for $40

Tortilla Chips $5 per 2lb bag

Sour Cream packets – 100 for $25

Shredded Cheese (5 lb bag) $19 each

Dakota Style Chips (jalapeno, plain, assorted) - $15 per case of 12. 

Pretzel Knots $17.50 for bag of 35

Marinara Cups – 11 cups @ $.50 each

All candy bars $1 each – Snickers (32 total), Kit Kat (11 total +27 Big Kit Kats), Hershey’s (36 total), Twix (31 total), M & M- peanut (43 total), M & M plain (19 bags + I case of 36), Reese’s (9 + 1 case of 36), Skittles (17 total), Starbursts (36 total).

All Air Heads – $6 per case of 36 (variety of flavors grape, cherry, strawberry, blue raspberry(full case), green apple (full case + 9), watermelon, & orange) * can mix and match if not in a sealed case

Cherry Laffy Taffy – full case for $10

Ring Pops - $13 for full box

Sour Worms, Gummy Worms, & Peach O’s - $6 per 10 bags * can mix and match

All Pop Water, & PowerAde - $1 each, *can mix and match flavors

Bottles of Minute Maid OJ - $1.25 each

EXPO will be open for payment (exact change not needed) and pick-up from 5:30 – 7 PM on Wednesday the 25th and Thursday the 26th. I can also make other arrangements if I am available, just email or text.


As of 10/27/2019

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